Philosophy En Mi Salsa 

En Mi Salsa and Social Responsibility

Social responsibility takes into account human, animal and environmental welfare. Many people believe that economic interests override any negative consequences of trade. We believe that healthy competition does not mean that workers should have to endure poor working conditions or that the environment should suffer. 

En Mi Salsa strives to be as responsible as possible in the production process by ensuring the following:

  • Fair payment and good working conditions
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Sustainable products
  • Providing opportunities to the most poverty stricken

Their strength and will are our guidelines! 

Use Your Buying Power!

Often little is known about the origin of products. Governments are being put under increasing pressure by consumers to provide more specific information on products about production and environmental conditions. Consumers can contribute to this trend by choosing sustainable products.

Small Steps make a Big Impact!

The famous Dutch actor Chris Zegers recently said: "No matter how small the contribution is, it is your contribution that matters!" Our small steps can have major consequences for the most poverty stricken in developing countries. A slight rise in income can mean that a child can go to school or that someone can start a small business and further themselves. A better future requires investment in the poorest areas!

The Craftsmen

All our products are purchased directly from the craftsmen, which gives us control over the production process. Our products are handmade and require much time and expertise. The craftsmen are paid for each quality product and this enables us to carry out quality checks, guarantee payment and provide flexibility in the amount of work individuals wish to take on. Home production gives women the possibility of combining work and domestic responsibilities. 

We also offer regular training workshops to the craftsmen to improve product quality and to introduce them to new production techniques adding to their craftsmen skills and increasing their employability. [LEARN MORE: Background: Women’s Cooperative Ut'z Bat'z]