Background of the Craftsmen

All En Mi Salsa products are handmade and directly purchased from the craftsmen. Besides from our own cooperative Ut’z Bat’z we sell products from other producers. 
Below is some information about our different producers.

Magdalena and daughters

Magdalena is a middle-aged woman who, together with her adult daughters, makes and sells jewellery and other products to tourists. They live in a village of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Without the dedicated assistance of her daughters Magdalena would not be able to walk because of leg problems. They speak Tzutujil, a Maya language.  Magdalena is also Maya-priest and helps people through Maya ceremonies. She uses a temascal-a Mayan steam bath- for ritual cleansing. (see SNAP! Products in Web Shop)

Senovia and family

Senovia is a very modest and intelligent Mayan woman from a town of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. She began with selling original bead jewellery in Antigua on the streets. She is a good business woman and has a lot of relatives and friends working with her. It is a pleasure to work with her because of her integrity. She has recently joined our women’s cooperative Ut'z Bat'z. (see UT’Z! Products in Web Shop) 

Nuestros pequeños hermanos

Is a project in Central America which takes in street children whose problems included drug abuse, crime, prostitution and homelessness. They live under a strict regime where education and the Catholic faith play a central role. Some even make it to university! Workshops are organised to focus on different work fields. All products they make are unique! (see SNAP! Products in the online Shop)

For more information on this project please visit their website: 

The mola of the Kuna Indians of Panama

The Kuna Indians live on islands at the Caribbean coast of Panama in a semi-autonomous area. It is a very proud nation that adheres to its own traditions. The Kuna women maintain their culture and express their self-esteem through their traditional dress. The colourful molas form the main part of their costumes. Molas are an internationally popular product of ethnic arts. (For more detailed information see SNAP! Products in Web Shop) 

More information about these people?