Founding En Mi Salsa

En Mi Salsa was founded by Francien Wouters. After high school she travelled for six months around South America and it captured her heart. She decided to study social anthropology and focused on Latin America and ethnicity. She did her graduation research in Guatemala. After completing her masters degree, she worked for several years as a social worker in deprived areas in Holland. In order to be able to spend longer periods of time in Latin America she started working in 2002 as a tour guide in Mexico and Central America for Baobab Travel. She always dreamed of setting up her own project as she witnessed difficult living conditions and injustice on a daily base. In 2006, she came up with the idea of starting a business specialising in handicrafts with fair working conditions and human welfare as the bases of the project. 

When she is not on the road, Francien lives in Antigua, a quiet, beautiful colonial town in Guatemala, which lies in a valley surrounded by three volcanoes. Antigua is renowned for its Spanish language schools and volunteer projects. Besides her ambition to encourage small-scale development, she has a passion for sports, (Latin American) rhythms and salsa dancing! 

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Francien about Latin America:

"I love this area, because of the climate, landscape, way of life and above all, the people. It is a very culturally and biologically diverse area. People are a mixture of Indian, Spanish, English and African origins. It is difficult to survive in these countries. There is great poverty and inequality, little or no economic growth, high crime, social disruption and corruption. It suffers regularly from natural disasters. But life is also 'real', the people are lively, warm, welcoming and passionate about music! People laugh a lot and are satisfied with the little they have. They are flexible and positive in their attitudes. There is a much more relaxed attitude to life here than in the West and people live for today!  

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