The value of handmade craftswork

All our products are manufactured by hand, which requires a lot of knowledge, experience, patience and dedication.

Guatemala is a country with a long tradition of handicrafts. However, due to globalization processes and migration to the United States the continuity of this beautiful craft is under pressure.

There is increasing international competition from factory made products. This reduces the value of hand made goods and producers begin to use cheaper materials and produce lower quality products.  We aim to put an end to this cycle as handicrafts are an important tool in the fight against poverty. 

Product background

Our UT’Z! products are made from premium quality materials. It is not always easy to find the right products on the local market. We guarantee that our products are free of toxic substances, resistant to shrinkage and that they retain colour. We are constantly looking to improve our products and we currently in negotiations with local organizations that work with natural dyes. 

Because each product is handmade, it is unique. Sometimes the product is not entirely symmetrical but that is precisely the charm of unique handmade products!

Expensive prices? That is not the case!

  • You may be accustomed to low prices due to exploitation of workers and substandard product quality.
  • Our premium quality materials are much more expensive than cheap synthetic materials.
  • Precise handicraft is time consuming: Embroidering a cloth of 30x40 cm is one full week’s work.
  • Women in many areas receive regular training.
  • The start-up and implementation of our project involves high logistic costs.
  • The price of exporting products from Latin America to Europe is very high.
  • You receive a unique and personal product!

Hip Handicrafts! 

Years of experience in the region has meant that we have developed a good eye for fine handicraft. Our selection consists of original quality products, which combine traditional craftsmanship with modern designs. We try to involve enthusiastic designers with original ideas.